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In 2013, InStyle reported that women spend upwards of $15,000 on beauty products in their lifetime, and in 2012, Jezebel noted that the cost of the average woman's health and personal hygiene upkeep totaled over $2000 per year.

That being said, could you imagine how many untouched/unloved products you have that another woman is dying to try. We have been collecting products from our Beauty Addicts / Make Up Artist  and created this site for your convenience. 

Most of the items on this site are very limited so if you see something you like, grab it while it's hot!

As working Make Up Arist , we also curated some of our favourite products / tools that we are currently using. Basically we're letting you into some of our secrets on organization, lighting fixtures ( what we use at home and even on location) and some unique products.


Please contact us if you :

-have brand new products that you would like us to sell
-have slightly untouched make up ( bloggers, swatches ) that you -would like us to sell ( No Liquids such as foundations, mascara, --lip gloss with applicators etc )
-have make up that you want to donate and have us sell it and donate the proceeds to charity.

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